About Jinniu

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Jinniu District is one of the central districts of Chengdu and is located at the northwestern part of the city where the feng shui is ideal. It is also situated on a strategic corridor of the "Belt and Road" and is an origin of the key region of the Chengdu-Deyang-Mianyang Economic Belt, making it a core in the northern part of Chengdu's "hundred mile central axis". Administering an area of 108 square kilometers and a permanent resident population of 1.21 million, Jinniu is the largest and most populated central districts of Chengdu. 

In order to capitalize from the new round of "central districts optimization" strategic opportunity, Jinniu District will follow the "15441" developmental principle. This entails adhering to the "one target" of accelerating the establishment of a central and western China urban district with leading comprehensive capacity; take pragmatic steps in creating the "support of five zones," as in the innovation-driven pioneering zone, central districts optimization quality improvement model zone, green and cultural tourism emergence zone, hub economy model zone, and happy and harmonious zone; strengthen the "four major functions" of modern trade and commerce, science and technology research, development and headquarters, urban cultural creativity and tourism, and railed transportation hub and gateway; promote the "four leaps" in comprehensive economic capacity, science and technology innovation capacity, regional cultural charm, and urban development energy; forge the "one name card" of Scientific and Commercial Jinniu, Northern Cultural City; and accelerate the historic opportunity in "one improvement and two transformations" so as to take the initiative in shouldering the duty inherent in a central district of a "top-notch city".

In 2016, Jinniu District recorded a gross regional product of RMB 95.01 billion, a year-on-year growth of 6.6% and the highest economic output of the five Chengdu central districts for the 27th year in a row; fixed asset investment of RMB 35.03 billion, a rise of 12.7% and a leap to first place among the five urban districts; private retail consumption of RMB 74.74 billion, a hike of 10% and continual show of robust demands in consumption. The ratios of the three sectors of the economy are respectively 0.01 : 20.61 : 79.38.