Industrial Orientation  2017-11-21 16:11

 With the prosperous commerce since ancient time, Jinniu District has laid a solid foundation for innovation and entrepreneurship and today is richly endowed with resources in universities, science and education. In 2016, the GDP of Jinniu District reached RMB 95.01 billion, and the District adjusted its structure of primary, secondary and tertiary industry to 0.01: 20.61: 79.38 through employing the strategy of constructing a modern industry system that is led by headquarters economy and supported by modern commerce and trade, science and technology services and urban cultural tourism. With regard to the development of characteristic and competitive industries, the rail transit, modern commerce and trade, and science and technology services have shown obvious superiority and are developed in a coordinated manner, having formed unique and complete industrial chains.

Headquarters economy

Development orientation
  Take advantage of headquarters economy cluster scale of industry headquarters, commerce and business headquarters and engineering consulting headquarters; focus on modern commerce and trade, science and technology services, rail transit, geographic information, medicine, healthcare and other key industries; accelerate the introduction of Fortune Global 500 corporations' and China's Top 500 enterprises' administrative headquarters, R & D and sales functional headquarters of industry leaders, regional headquarters of large enterprises, and corporate headquarters of second or third-tier cities; promote Jinniu's industrial development toward a high-end orientation and gradual entrance into the global high-end value chain system; and comprehensively enhance the industrial concentration and sphere of influence of Jinniu District in the central and western regions.

Enterprise introduction
  Honghua Group, the largest Chinese oil rig sets export enterprises and the world's largest onshore oil rig manufacturer, has set up its Chinese headquarters in Jinniu District; the headquarters of China Railway Engineering Corporation subsidiaries such as China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China Railway No.2 Group Co., Ltd., China Railway No.2 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and China Railway Academy Co., Ltd., are also located in Jinniu District; South Korea's CJ Group, Singapore's ComfortDelGro, Suning Commerce Group, GOME, Overseas Chinese Town, JJWorld (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., 3DBiopharm, CASCO and Pangang Group have also set up their regional headquarters in Jinniu District.

▲Pangang Group

▲Chinese headquarters of Honghua Group

▲China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd

Modern commerce and trade
  Speed up the shutdown, renovation, transformation and administration of Hehuachi, Wukuaishi and other traditional markets; guide the traditional shopping malls to upgrade into "intelligent, experiential and interactive" smart shopping complexes; foster the core business districts of North Renmin Road, Chengdu International Trade City, Huazhao business district of Chadianzi and other municipal-level main business districts. Emphatically develop e-commerce, create special brand festivals and promote the transformation of traditional trade areas into modern business districts, so as to position Jinniu District as an important node for Chengdu to ascend as an international shopping paradise.

       Auchan, WAL-MART, Carrefour, Red Star Macalline, Easyhome, Far Eastern Department Stores and other well-known business enterprises have set up operations in Jinniu. Chengdu International Trade City will serve to boost the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade and smart trade by means of "Chengdu-Europe Express Rail plus," "Internet plus" and "trade and business plus," so as to construct a regional trade and business center that is based in the western region, significant across the country and influential around the globe.

▲Chengdu International Trade City

Science and Technology Services
  Relying on resources advantages of universities and research institutes to energetically develop the transportation, construction and other engineering technology services, focus on the development of information services combined with network technology, accelerate the development of innovation and entrepreneurship incubators and other technology research and development services, continue to play to the advantages of leading enterprises, well-qualified human resources and cutting-edge industrial technologies, and constantly build up the capacity of supporting technological innovation and industrial development.
CSWADI, China Huaxi Engineering Design & Construction Co., Ltd., Southwest Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute of China and other well-known enterprises have been introduced into the district.

Business Services
  With the support of building economy, actively guide the financial, accounting, legal service and consulting enterprises to cluster, intensively construct a number of high-end business buildings, and accelerate the formation of a multitude of service brands.

        Sichuan Mingju Law Firm, Sichuan Henghexin Law Firm, Ruihua Certified Public Accountants, Sichuan Zhongheng Engineering Cost Audit Firm, Chengdu Huashi Engineering Cost Audit Firm and other commercial services have established themselves in Jinniu District.

▲OCT Creative Center

New type of real estate

▲Shokai Longhu Commercial Complex
  Based on development of the new zone and transformation of the old zones, emphasis is placed on developing the holding commercial real estates that feature strong resource clustering ability and well-equipped functional supportive facilities; focus on the development of modern industry-city functional complex, the incubator of scientific and technological innovation, characteristic modern residential buildings and other new types of businesses.

  A number of industrial leaders such as CapitaLand, Pinnacle, Shining Group, Shui On Group, Poly, China Resources, OCT, Power Construction Corporation of China, CYTS, Shokai, Wanda, Vanke, Greenland, Longfor, Hengda and Country Garden have been successfully invited to invest in the district.

▲Wanda Plaza in Jinniu

▲CapitaLand Plaza in Jinniu


Rail Transit

Development orientation
  By relying on the advantages in resources, talent pools and technologies of Southwest Jiaotong University, CREEC, China Railway Academy Co., Ltd. and other universities and research institutes, and by following Jinniu's overall orientation in the city rail transit industry layout of "one school with one headquarters," engender the clustering development of related upstream and downstream enterprises; propel the construction of Technology Institute of Chengdu Rail Transit Industry and Alliance for Rail Transit Industry Development; enhance education and training, research and design, intelligent manufacturing, engineering contracting, and operation and maintenance in the rail transit industry; and increase the promotional power and influence of "Made in Chengdu and Research in Jinniu" in the relevant industries.

Enterprise introduction
  The first national hi-tech industry innovation and service base for the rail transit industry – CREC Rail Transit Hi-tech Industrial Park is located in Jinniu District, and many renowned rail transit upstream and downstream enterprises have set up offices in the District including CASCO, UniTTEC, China Railway Science & Industry Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Tunneling Equipment Co., Ltd., and China Railway Machinery Equipment Research & Design Institute.

▲CREC Rail Transit Hi-tech Industrial Park

Electronic Information
  Fully relying on the superior resources of universities and institutes, guide enterprises and industrial parks in the electronic information sector to emphatically develop geographic information big data, software and information services and electronic information industry of military and civilian integration; build up an influential "Internet plus" electronic information industry belt by 2020, and form a modern electronic information industry system that features high industrial added value, high degree of technological innovation and strong international competitiveness.

▲Santai Elec.

Enterprise introduction
  The Western Geographic Information Science and Technology Industrial Park, the only provincial geographic information industry demonstration park in the southwestern region, boasts a score of tenants that are renowned enterprises in the industry including Beijing Tianyuan Siwei Technology Co., Ltd., KQ GEO Technologies, China TOPRS Technology Co. Ltd., Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co. Ltd., and Twenty-first Century Space Technology. In addition, JJWorld Game Industry Institute, Aipu, Santai Holding,  world game industry EPPs network, Santai Holdings, Honghua Electrics and other electronic information enterprises have also settled in the Park.

▲The Western Geographic Information Science and Technology Industrial Park

Medicine and public health
  Relying on resources of Chengdu University of TCM, speed up the construction of "Guo Yi Hui" program into a national TCM health and cultural tourism demonstration zone, and provide impetus to the key projects of medical services, Chinese traditional medicine, healthcare, pharmaceutical production and marketing.

Enterprise introduction

  Kanghong Pharmaceutical, new drug research and development platform of 3DBiopharm Precision Medicine, ADICON CLINICAL LABORATORIES, INC and other enterprises from the biomedicine, medical testing and health services sectors have set up operations in the Park.

▲Kanghong Pharmaceutical

▲Liangli Medical Science and Health Care City

Cultural Creativity
  Aim to develop the cultural creative industry for large-scale, intensified operation and high-end orientation; actively cultivate a multi-industry configuration comprised of architectural design, music and media, culture and entertainment, industrial design, and animation and gaming by centering on integrative innovation development, while investing efforts to create quality, characteristic and integrative industrial system.

Enterprise introduction
  More than 170 large-scale cultural creative enterprises have been introduced in to the City such as Qingniao (Chengdu) Culture Media and Chengdu 436 Cultural Communication.

▲Huanghuangshan Open Music Square

▲436 Cultural Creative Center Studio

Urban tourism
  Relying on modern music, entertainment, ecological experience, ancient Shu culture, folk customs and other cultural elements, strive to construct a group of street zones and communities characterized by their unique cultural elements and the times, and gradually form a number of urban tourism brands with unique Jinniu qualities.

Enterprise introduction
  Jinniu District is also widely known for quite a few popular cultural tourism scenic spots such as Chengdu Happy Valley, Jinsha Site Museum, Chengdu Botanical Garden, Yongling Mausoleum and Yiyuan Garden. Among them, Chengdu Happy Valley was founded in Jinniu almost ten years ago and has been nominated into Top 20 Asia-Pacific Region Theme Park for four consecutive years, the only nominee in the southwest region.

▲Yongling Mausoleum

▲Yipintianxia Street

▲Aerial View of Happy Valley