Industrial functional area  2017-11-21 16:11

 In this new round of transformation development, Jinniu District adheres to the "four patterns in one" concept and defines the key development areas of "one core, three axes and six zones". "One core refers to core business district of North Renmin Road; three axes refer to development axes of North Renmin Road, Jinniu Avenue and Sichuan-Shaanxi Highway; and six zones refer to six functional zones, including North Renmin Road Central Business District, Smart City with Southwest Jiaotong University at the core, State Guest Cultural Tourism Business District, North New City, Hi-tech Industrial Park and Ring Ecological Zone.

North Renmin Road Central Business District
  Basic information: Located between the inner ring in the northwest of the central area and the Second Ring Road, the Business District has an area of 14.03 square kilometers, resident population of 443,000, and about 3696 mu of available land resource. It is the earliest central business district in Chengdu noted for its location advantage, high intensity density and complete infrastructure.

▲Comprehensive Hub Super Square of North Railway Station

Investment orientation: Relying on the regional advantages of "northern portal and high-speed rail hub"

  The functional orientation of Comprehensive Hub Super Square, reception business center and axial service portal has been confirmed. The future focus lies in "one core and seven stars". By relying on North Chengdu railway station hub and Chengdu University of TCMs, prioritize the development of headquarters economy, modern commerce and trade, business services and TCM cultural tourism industry; promote the reconstruction and upgrading of Chengdu Railway Bureau, Muzong factory, Xinhua printing plant, Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources and other areas; accelerate the formation of municipal business and trade core zone; and build the new benchmark in the city axis.

Smart City with Southwest Jiaotong University at the core

  Basic information: It is located between the Second Ring Road and the Third Ring Road, with the Southwest Jiaotong University Jiuli Campus at the core. The Smart City has an area of 18.76 square kilometers, resident population of 578,000, and about 4427 mu of available land resources. There are abundant resources in science and technology and well-qualified human resources, presenting a great potential for development as well as solid foundation and competitiveness for smart economy with the distinguished university at the heart.

  Investment orientation: The development orientation of "smart valley and the city of science and technology" has been confirmed. The key project in the core area of Jingrong Venture Valley with Southwest Jiaotong University at the core has been officially opened for operations and the dual-core configuration of Science City in the North and Smart City in the South is gradually taking shape. Plans call for realizing the clustering development of hi-tech industries like rail transit and technology services in accordance with the "one valley and two wings" spatial layout and by relying on the Southwest Jiaotong University, 10th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, 29th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and other high-caliber research institutes and universities; vigorously promote the reconstruction of Chahua, Jinfu, Wukuaishi and other key zones; accelerate the development momentum of vast stretches; establish an innovation-driven new engine; and expedite the building of "university-based smart economic circle".

Hi-tech Industrial Park

  Basic information: The park is divided into west and north zones. The west zone covers an area of 2.69 square meters ???, connecting to Jinzhou Road in the north, Yingbin Avenue in the south, Shuhan Road in the west and Jinniu Road in the east; the north zone covers an area of 2.1 square kilometers, connecting Jinxin Road in the north, North New Truck in the west, Sichuan-Shaanxi Highway in the east and Chuantian Road in the south. The land resource available in the Park exceeds 1,000 mu, and the Park serves as the only provincial hi-tech industrial park in Chengdu's five central districts, as well as Chengdu Jinniu Electronic Information Industry Base under the National Torch Program.
  Investment orientation: The functional orientation of "high-end headquarters new city and innovation and entrepreneurship new district” has been confirmed. The plan will rely on the layout of "one axis and three blocks" to launch the Jinniu hi-tech 1.8 urban construction and industrial project along North Yaoye Road, propel urban industrial economic development, and build a distinctively beautiful Jinniu science and technology city with electronic information and bio-pharmaceutical industries as main staples, and science and technology services and business services as supporting industries.

State Guest Cultural Tourism Business District
  Basic information: It is located to the south of Jinniu District, north of the Third Ring Road, west of Beixing Avenue and east of Modi River. It covers an area of 20.21 square meters and has a resident population of 320,000. The land resource available is approximately 10,000 mu, and the Jinniu Hotel, as well as the most influential urban theme park in the western China,OCT Happy Valley, are located within the Business District's territory.
  Investment orientation: The functional orientation of "culture highland and livable State Guest" has been confirmed because at the heart of this Business District is the Sichuan Provincial state guest hotel - Jinniu Hotel. The future focus will lie in the construction of "one core, one belt and three blocks" to vigorously promote the reconstruction of Jinniu Hotel surroundings, Jinquan Huzhu, Shaheyuan Gubo and other key zones; prioritize the development of cultural creativity, urban tourism, modern commerce and trade, new real estate, medicine and public health and other industries to form an integrated industrial structure of "culture + tourism"; and build an urban recreation area dominated by cultural creativity and urban tourism.

Northern New City
  Basic information: It is to the east of Sichuan-Shaanxi Highway, west of Beixing Avenue, south of the boundary of Fenghuangshan Sub-district and north of the junction of Jinniu District and Xindu District. It covers an area of 27.12 square kilometers and has a resident population of 53,700. The land resource available is about 12,000 mu, and it is expected to have the most potential and the most profound cultural background among Chengdu's five central districts.

▲Chengdu International Trade City

  Investment orientation: Relying on the profound historical and cultural resources, the functional orientation of "Silk Road Thoroughfare and North Cultural Center" has been confirmed. The future focus will lie in the construction of "three centers, two zones and one corridor"; effectively integrate the industrial strengths in trade, technology and commerce by centering on two core resources of culture and ecology; vigorously promote the construction of "North Cultural City" core area, modern business and trade district, and science and technology innovation district; and strive to create a new model of "independent city".

▲ Tianhuidaguan

▲Huanghuangshan Open Music Square

Ring Ecological Zone

  Basic information: Location wise, it is divided into four parts: Lianghe River, Shangfu River (Xihua and Shaheyuan), the Outer Ring Road and Ginkgo Garden. The Zone covers an area of 21.68 square kilometers, occupying 12% of the entire ring ecological zone in Chengdu city, and has a population of about 33,500. It is a functional zone featuring the largest ecological zone in the central area of the city as well as a full cultural atmosphere.


  Investment orientation: Relying on ecological resources in the zone, the functional orientation of “urban green reception center” has been determined. In the future, the efforts will be paid to the construction of Lianghe Ecological Garden and Shaheyuan Home-style Ecological Garden; impel the construction of Anjing Lake Reservoir Tourism Area, Outer Ring Road Rural Scenery Demonstration Area and Ginkgo Garden Sightseeing and Leisure Demonstration Area; and speed up to build an "urban green reception center" with ecological characteristics.